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Former CM Sri. Chandrababu Naidu inaugurating Pvt. Ltd., promoter of popular portal is promoted by top-notch USA based NRIs and Wall Street consultants, who have well established reputation in providing solutions to complex business problems to top Wall Street firms and fortune 500 companies.

Our popular portal was inaugurated by honourable Chief minister Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu, and since then it made headlines in the national media with its innovative features and contribution to the local citizens of Hyderabad.

Promoters are web experts since the introduction of the browser in 1994 itself and conducted online training to 8,300 plus students worldwide in those days itself. They firmly believe in the application of the cutting edge technology to the local people needs and is firmly focussed on next generation Silicon Valley of India, Hyderabad and Secunderabad. As per our corporate policy, we never compete with our customers by doing any business similar to the customer business, and we always partner with them in the digital revolution in getting online presence and doing eCommerce.

Within a span of just 18 months, we had launched six highly innovative portals as listed in Our Network page, which are highly creative, focussed on the local people & culture and useful to the citizens of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. In the same span of time, we helped 72 customers across several industries to have big presence online, and 3,280 small and medium business houses to start their online presence. Top twenty colleges in twin-cities are among the 72 customers we helped, and some of the top names include Nizam College, Osmania University Business Dept. Some of the eCommerce sites include Arcadia Real Estates and

We not only just prepare websites, we provide strategy based on the customer business and we are full service providers. We always think, "If we were our customer who is trying to get online presence, what best things we would do?" and do the same for our customers.


Name a Technology company in India that doesn't fall under one of these two categories. A 100% subsidiary of a multinational established to serve their own needs overseas at low-cost, or a desi company serving overseas companies, of which 90+% of their clientele are overseas companies. You may find very few. These companies employ 90% of the local talent. This trend is here to grow.

We do not see anything wrong in serving an overseas company, however it is unfortunate to learn that very few desi companies have plans to serve desi companies especially small and medium ones. Look at any Indian technology company; their revenues from domestic products/services are minuscule. Interestingly, even this minuscule domestic revenue is from serving big Indian brands ONLY, not balanced by small and big companies.

Fast growing Internet, opening-up of the Indian economy to the world is going to bring more nation-wide brands (owned by national/international companies) and chain shops, and the small and medium companies will be wiped out of the market (faster than any one can imagine), just because they neither have technical expertise nor can afford huge investments in this digitally growing competition.

While big foreign companies, such as Microsoft, are turning to SOHO (small-office, home-office) customers after their revenue dried-up from large corporates. Our corporate policy is to serve desi companies, especially local Home/Small/Medium offices first. All our products and services are designed to meet their needs and priced to be affordable by them. We continue to partner with them and help them in this digital revolution

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